Farndon milepost of 1898

I’m still collecting mileposts that are found along the Chester to Worthenbury turnpike (about which I have posted in two parts, starting here).  The mileposts post-date the original Chester to Worthenbury ones, of which none survive, but they are still a lovely bit of heritage  When I originally wrote the piece, it was in the middle of summer and although I set off confidently with a map that marked the location of the surviving 1898 mileposts, I could only find two of them.  Since then I have been finding them and adding them to a post about the 1898 mileposts.

This is one that I wasn’t looking for, because it is not on the official Chester to Worthenbury turnpike.  I spotted it out of the corner of my eye on a rare occasion when I was driving through Farndon along Barton Road, and this was only because the bridge was closed and I found myself driving through Farndon to get onto the bypass.  The exact location is, using What3Words: ///warned.tower.mascots, which you can see on a map at https://what3words.com/warned.tower.mascots.

I remembered it a few days ago and went back to photograph it.  Many thanks to whoever does such a splendid job of sculpting the hedge behind it so that the whilst the hedge still looks great, the milepost is perfectly protected and easy to spot, and looks absolutely super.  If only they were all so well cared for.

I’ve added it to my post about the other 1898 mileposts in this area, which I am happily continuing to find new mileposts for.


2 thoughts on “Farndon milepost of 1898

  1. Alex

    Great post. I’ve been rummaging around Cheavley Bridge also the last couple of months. There is supposed to be a PROW on the Ecclestone side of the road skirting around the small power station and onto the drive to (I think this is it’s name) Ecclestone Ferry Farm. It has all but disappeared and the route is overgrown. I contacted PROW at CWAC and they said they are aware but it’s a bit dangerous so would it be used? I’d say yes! Safer than that road.



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