On this blog, the heritage page will cover a vast time period, from early prehistory to the present day and will also look at how this voluminous past is handled and communicated in the present.  Most of these posts will be straightforward attempts to accurately represent different aspects of the area’s prehistory and history.  At the same time I hope to untangle some of the issues surrounding the subject of heritage as I go.

The Cuppin Street rescue excavation in Chester one lunchtime, 1986 or 87. My photo.

As a former prehistorian, I am particularly looking forward to finding out more about the local prehistory.  Having excavated for a number of seasons in Chester many years ago, I am also looking forward to finding out more about the Roman activity in rural areas around Chester. Sites, monuments and buildings of all types and ages will eventually find their way onto the blog.  A steady obsession with 19th Century long distance shipping will doubtless find an outlet here as well, via the former port of Chester and (yes, I know it’s a stretch) Birkenhead and Liverpool.

I will certainly find myself covering a very large geographical area, including sites, buildings and landmarks that are immediately local, others that are further afield, and a number of destinations that can only be reached, realistically, on day-trips.

On this page, to make the site more navigable I will add links below in chronological order, from prehistory to the present, to act as a table of contents for the heritage posts on the blog page, so that those interested in particular time periods will be able to follow the story in a logical  sequence.

The Iron Bridge crossing the Dee on the Eaton Hall Estate at Aldford

Posts in chronological order (by historical date)

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