Walking from Churton to Aldford on “Churton and Aldford Footpath FP6”

Still exploring routes between Churton and Aldford after my walk along Churton by Aldford FP4, today I went along FP6.  The FP numbers refer to the interactive Cheshire West and Chester’s Public Map Viewer, from which the map at the foot of this post is copied.

From Churton, head down Pump Lane, turn left into New Lane and then right along the footpath that passes the stud farm.  Keep going past the the metal kissing gate on the left, staying on the metalled road until the left-hand corner.  Then climb the stile into the field and head straight on.  There are a number of stiles on this part of the walk.  Shortly you cross a small stream, cross over a field diagonally and then pop out on Edgerley Road, where there are two footpath choices on your left.  Choose the one on the left, following the path of the stream.  This is footpath FP6 and you can follow it in a straight line all the way to Aldford.

FP6 is a particularly interesting as well as scenic route at this time of year, taking in views over the rapeseed fields, Grange Farm where tall, slender trees (possibly poplar?) flank a wide track north and were shining bright and light in the sun.  The little cluster of lovely buildings at Brooklands on Lower Lane is particularly nice, and immensely peaceful.  Most of my walks are circular, but this time I enjoyed it so much that when I reached Aldford I turned around and came back again.

I walked it later in the year, early August, and found it very overgrown with nettles and huge umbellifers.  The fields had been planted with corn, which was likewise very tall, so views over the fields very limited.

For notes on accessibility (for those with legs that don’t necessarily want to climb over stiles and gates) and for what it’s like underfoot, see my notes at the end of this post.


From the Cheshire West and Chester’s Public Map Viewer, with my arrows added in blue.

Accessibility.  There are a number of stiles to cross as you head west to east along the first stretch of the route, but if you go along Pump Lane and follow the road left into Edgerely Road, you will find yourself at the gate that takes you due north past the farm and to Aldford.  It’s a climb-free walk from there onwards.

A note on walking conditions.  Although there has been standing water on other walks, this one was very dry except for a bit of hoof-trampled mud around the stile from the field into Edgerley Road, and this was easy to walk around.  It is all on the flat, and although the first part to Edgerley Road is partly field, most of it is track and metalled road.  It is very easy-going underfoot.

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